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Sunday, September 26, 2010


When teleoperation took effect, the robot's progress slowed because of all the sensory information from sensors, laser, and cameras that the humans had to deal with before assigning any particular motion to the robot. Therefore, it was important to the creators of Dante II that there be a graphical representation of all of the sensory information, in order to get an accurate picture of the terrain Dante was covering, and the state of the robot itself. By creating a graphical representation, the operators did not have to manually go through every bit of information Dante sent back from the crater and had a better chance of successfully maneuvering the robot. From this perspective, a robot like Dante II is ideal for exploration, since its sensory information is provided much more quickly and in depth than any human mapping could do. In general, this technique of displaying all the sensory information is called telepresence and has been implemented in many such applications.


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