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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Types of Robots

There are numerous ways how to define types of robots. As I have seen the possible divisions varies widely. The main reason of these differences is that different scholars tend to have different views on issues that should be taught under term "robotics".

 Types of robots by application

  • Industrial robots
  • Domestic or household robots
  •  Medical robots
  • Service robots
  • Military robots
  • Entertainment robots
  • Exploration robots

Types of robots by locomotion and kinematics 

  • Stationary robots  
    • Cartesian/Gantry robots
    • Cylindrical robots
    •  Spherical robots
    • SCARA robots
    • Articulated robots
    •  Parallel robots
  • Wheeled robots
    • Single wheel (ball) robots
    • Two-wheeled robots
    • Three and more wheel robots 
  • Legged robots 
    • Bipedal robots (humanoid robots)
    • Tripedal robots
    • Quadrupedal robots
    • Hexapod robots 
    • Other numbers of legs 
  • Swimming robots
  • Flying robots 
  • Mobile spherical robots (robotic balls)
  • Others
             Example  for others  are snake-like robots. etc.


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